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now you can scanlate, too!
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10th-Nov-2009 11:58 pm
Want a topic covered? Suggest it, and perhaps it will be covered.
24th-Nov-2009 03:21 am (UTC)
I need some advice on double page scans.
Especially on how to perform miracles when they are binded book scans.
24th-Nov-2009 04:09 am (UTC)
Yes, that's miracle work. What pages?
24th-Nov-2009 06:07 am (UTC)
The examples I'm about to show you have absolutely no work attached to them so you are not doing someone else's scanlation job, I promise xD;
Which ever one you choose to save would be great *O*;

Example of Binded Books Scans:

Which one out of the 4 should really be re-scanned and not even attempted. How would you work out the rest of them. Would split pages be better (like leaving a white line in the middle or dividing them as two pages).

Is there even such a category as double page spread editors? Or people that are extremely good with them xD?
I have to research for credit for the scans but education purposes are okay ^^U?
24th-Nov-2009 07:06 am (UTC)
goodness haha

The first one, in my opinion, is probably the only one I would do, if I had enough motivation for it. I don't know how it'd turn out (I'll try it sometime soon -_- when I'm not working on projects), but it'd probably be believable enough.

Honestly, with gutter shadow, blurring, and the amount of missing art between the two pages... most of them are nearly impossible to do. In most cases, I'd just leave them as is and clean around it. They're meant to be double, so leaving them that way is usually the best option. The di[e]ce one might be okay to split in two.

The second one could be done. I'm not good at bodies, so I wouldn't even try. There would definitely be someone out there who could (probably someone in one in like Maximum7, or one of the groups who do Bleach, Naruto, or One Piece... because those often have very difficult double pages). Some people are just really good artists haha I'm not one of them. I don't know how I get by as it is 8D

The third one, I'd either leave it or split it (after getting a few opinions). The last one ... is really just bad haha and deserves to be rescanned.

Generally, double pages scanned while still in the binding just... aren't worth the work they are. The artwork is viewable, and it isn't within your power to tell a scanner to debind or not...especially after they paid for it and are taking the time to scan it. It's a bit of a 'you get what you get' imo... and fans should only be appreciative.

As for a category for it lol I'm sure there are people who do it. People come up with many jobs and tasks in scanlation groups to distribute the work more evenly, so I wouldn't put it past a group to create that kind of job. I'm sure I've run into it somewhere before, just can't remember where :3

Does that help? I'll attempt one and post how I did it eventually :x just not when I'm swamped with work from inmeliora
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